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About Us

SteepSteel is revolutionizing the way wireless agreements are transacted

SteepSteel is a centralized platform to facilitate the management, audit, auction and consulting of wireless agreements and associated infrastructure.

We are here to meet a marketplace demand that is surging because of cutting-edge technologies and untested legislation.

By offering a wealth of detailed market information while simultaneously providing valuable investment opportunities on a single site, wireless agreement buyers and sellers both have reasons to stop by…as wireless agreement sellers are able to achieve unprecedented returns relative to the previously fractured industry, and wireless agreement buyers are introduced to a revolutionary – and efficient – new way to purchase one of the premier intangible investments.

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Managed by a diverse and experienced team of business, legal, real estate, government and wireless telecom industry veterans

SteepSteel is operated by a team of industry professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of wireless agreements and infrastructure, finance, real estate, government and law to ensure that landlords as well as their representatives receive maximum rent/sale values and unrivaled exposure with access to pre-qualified, professional buyers. SteepSteel also provides long-term wireless agreement management including site and agreement audits and the most comprehensive service in the industry.

The Founder and CEO of SteepSteel, James Kennedy, has been working and consulting in real estate investment and development for nearly 25 years. In addition, James has been involved in wireless agreement analysis and investment for nearly 15 years, during which time James has reviewed and analyzed thousands of wireless agreements.

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SteepSteel's COO, Bob Milner, is also an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach. He has successfully built and scaled multi-hundred million-dollar organizations. He and his wife Teresa, live in The Woodlands along with their 5 rescue dogs. They have 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

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Chris Felder, SteepSteel's CFO, is a true wireless telecommunications industry professional with more than a decade of experience working at Crown Castle International and at Vertical Bridge.

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Michael Brenner, SteepSteel's Senior Contract Manager, is a 20+ year veteran of wireless telecom who is an expert on a wide variety of matters, including network deployment, contracts review, litigation management, leasing, compliance, site audits, and real estate transactions.

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Marlene Menard, SteepSteel’s Director of Government Relations, has over 25 years of experience working at the federal, state and local government levels, as a lawyer and then for more than 18 years with the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer.  She brings a considerable amount of experience and expertise building relationships and working and negotiating with officials at all levels of U.S. and foreign governments and industry in both bilateral and multilateral settings.  Prior to her government service, she practiced law in Texas and Louisiana.

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SteepSteel’s General Counsel, Drew Johnson, is well suited for this role. Drew attended and graduated from South Texas College of Law, and has been a civil practitioner specializing in regulatory compliance and business law ever since.

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Transforming individual transactions into national marketplace

The current cell tower lease and license industry is about 30+ years in the making. When the industry began, wireless agreements were much different than they are today, as there weren’t concerns about wireless agreement cashflows being bought and sold to third parties.

In the last 15 years or so, and in consideration of the emergence of wireless agreements aggregators, wireless agreement buyouts have grown exponentially. Today, before a wireless agreement can be executed or infrastructure built, uninformed property owners often receive offers from industry players seeking to purchase the wireless agreement.

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Why SteepSteel?

SteepSteel, as managed by Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Felder, Mr. Milner, Mr. Brenner and Ms. Menard, offers wireless agreement analysis and consulting with each listing or auction, so that all property owners/managers can be assured critical elements of each lease have been identified prior to any transaction.

SteepSteel also provides unparalleled site management, and works in conjunction with property owners/managers and real estate/legal professionals to ensure that lease terms are adhered to by lease tenants, and that all lease payments and applicable reimbursements are made in a timely, accurate fashion.

For new development, relocation and decommission projects, SteepSteel contracts and coordinates with a wide variety of inspectors, appraisers, engineers, and contractors throughout the country to ensure that all work is completed in accordance with national, state and local laws and regulations and to professional industry standards.

SteepSteel is here to address the concerns of the rapidly evolving wireless telecommunications market – both with respect to the agreements and the infrastructure – and everything about the way wireless telecommunications agreements and infrastructure are purchased, sold, developed and managed. SteepSteel wants to be the single-source solution to all wireless telecommunications needs for private and public clients nationwide.

If you have a wireless agreement, a cell tower or rooftop installation, or a network of sites please EMAIL us, call 855-STEEL-66 (855-783-3566), or CONTACT US below.

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Whether you want to learn more about the various types of wireless telecommunications agreements, are interested in purchasing or selling a cell tower lease, or if you have questions about cell tower lease management – we’re here for you!