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SteepSteel is revolutionizing the way wireless agreements are transacted!

By offering a wealth of detailed market information while simultaneously providing valuable investment opportunities on a single site, wireless agreement buyers and sellers both have reasons to stop by…as wireless agreement sellers are able to achieve unprecedented returns relative to the previously fractured industry, and wireless agreement buyers are introduced to a revolutionary – and efficient – new way to purchase one of the premier intangible investments.

SteepSteel was designed to provide a revolutionary centralized platform to facilitate the sale, purchase, and management of cell tower leases.

SteepSteel is operated by industry professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of wireless agreements, finance, real estate, government and law to ensure that landlords as well as their representatives receive maximum  values and unrivaled exposure with access to pre-qualified, professional buyers.   SteepSteel also provides long-term wireless agreement management that provides the most comprehensive service in the industry.

James Kennedy, Founder and CEO

The Founder of SteepSteel, James Kennedy, has been working and consulting in real estate investment and development for nearly 25 years. In addition, James has been involved in wireless agreement analysis, negotiation, management and investment for nearly 15 years, during which time James has reviewed and analyzed thousands of wireless agreements while working with:

  • private landlords & investment groups

  • corporations

  • non-profit organizations

  • real estate & legal professionals

  • churches

  • government agencies & districts

James has earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California as well as a Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver.  In addition, James holds the highly-coveted Certified Commercial Investment Member (“CCIM“) designation, the combination of which – in conjunction with his real estate and wireless agreement experience – makes him uniquely qualified to analyze, interpret, and discuss wireless agreements, as well as their impact on (and relationship to) underlying and adjacent real estate.

James and SteepSteel have been been featured in several trade publications including CIRE (“Commercial Investment Real Estate”) magazine, American City & County magazine, RealtorMag (published by Realtor.org) FierceWireless, and InsideTowers. In addition, he is the author of Cell Tower Secrets an E-book about wireless agreements, including an overview of small cells and 5G, an outline of the variables and metrics used to establish wireless agreement values, and the methods and techniques used to maximize wireless agreement values when negotiating the development, extension, amendment or sale of such agreements.

James is also a disabled veteran of the U.S. military.

Christopher G. Cardinale, General Counsel and Consultant 

Christopher Cardinale (or “Chris”) is SteepSteel’s general counsel, advising in all legal matters including corporate governance and operations, real estate, risk management, and regulatory compliance. In collaboration with SteepSteel’s expert consulting team, he reviews leases, easements, purchase and sale agreements, and other transaction documents for cell tower and telecommunications facilities to ensure the transactions comply with applicable laws, and are consistent with the objectives of SteepSteel’s valued clients.

Chris is well suited for this role. As a partner in the transactional and litigation departments of the California law firm Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin, he is an expert in the field of municipal and local government law. He serves as Assistant City Attorney for various municipalities, and lead counsel to their planning and community development departments.

His practice focuses on land use, planning, environmental law, and development matters, and over the past 10 years he has reviewed, negotiated and closed countless transactions for cell tower and telecommunications facilities. In his capacity as lead counsel to local planning commissions and departments, Chris is an expert on the laws and regulations governing cell towers and telecommunication facilities, and regularly reviews entitlement applications submitted by tower owners and mobile carriers.

Before he created SteepSteel, James Kennedy worked with Chris to successfully close numerous complex cell tower transactions for Chris’s municipal clients. Through their combined efforts, experience, and mutual desire to accomplish and exceed their clients’ expectations, the pair have worked together to close cell tower lease and sale transactions with a combined value totaling multiple millions of dollars.

Chris holds a J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law, where he served as a student advisor and earned numerous academic awards. Since 2013, he has been annually recognized as a Top Attorney in Southern California in the field of civil litigation, and he serves as legal counsel to non-profit organizations such as Independent Cities Association. Chris obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies from Azusa Pacific University, where he played left field and was named a captain on the baseball team.

SteepSteel, as managed by Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Cardinale, offers wireless agreement analysis and consulting with every listing or auction, so that all site users can be assured critical elements of each lease have been identified prior to any transaction.

Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Cardinale also work to make certain that SteepSteel offers unparalleled site management, and work in conjunction with property owners and real estate/legal professionals to ensure that lease terms are adhered to by lease tenants, and that all lease payments and applicable reimbursements are made in a timely, accurate fashion.

For more information about the purpose behind SteepSteel please review the “Why SteepSteel?” section of this page (below) or examine the wealth of information provided throughout the site.

SteepSteel: Transforming Individual Transactions into a National Marketplace

The current cell tower lease and license industry is about 30+ years in the making.  When the industry began, wireless agreements were much different than they are today, as there weren’t concerns about wireless agreement cashflows being bought and sold to third parties.

In the last 15 years or so, and in consideration of the emergence of wireless agreements aggregators, wireless agreement buyouts have grown exponentially.  Today, before a wireless agreement can be executed or infrastructure built, uninformed property owners often receive offers from industry players seeking to purchase the wireless agreement.

Unfortunately, the current state of the wireless agreement industry is very inefficient, with sellers and real estate/legal professionals paying the price for that market inefficiency.  Typically, landlords will receive offers to “buy out” their wireless agreements from carriers, tower companies, investors, or aggregators in a one-off, non-competing basis, wherein there is little information to establish a true market price for a given agreement.  SteepSteel is here to change that, and everything about the way wireless agreements are bought, sold, and managed.

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