Government Agencies and Districts

A large number of cell towers, rooftop antennas, and wireless networks across the country are constructed on government-owned/controlled properties or in the public right-of-way. As such, government officials regularly receive inquiries from carriers and tower companies regarding current wireless agreements, prospective infrastructure applications & development, lease amendments, extension proposals, and so on.

SteepSteel can assist with all wireless telecommunications transactions and development including:

Expert Negotiation of Ground, Tower, Rooftop or Network Agreements

Lease Amendments, Extensions, Land Area Options, Collocates, and Revenue Sharing

Lease Buyouts — Cash-Flow or Easement, Term or Perpetual, and Installment or Lump-Sum

Non-Compete Agreements, Municipal License Agreements, Asset Marketing Partnerships, Asset Management, Asset Audits, and Consulting

Site and Network Management, Development, Relocation & Decommissioning, and Public-Private Joint Ventures

DAS and Small Cell Consulting

Right-of-Way and City-Owned Property Applications

At SteepSteel, we can assist with all of the above items and much more, so please let us know how we can help.

For large-scale network developments such as municipal campuses, stadiums, airports, or high-density districts, SteepSteel management has developed relationships nationwide with electrical and telecommunications engineering firms to coordinate with SteepSteel in network design, aesthetics, capacity, market pricing models and deployment for our government clients.

Please use our DOCUMENT UPLOAD, visit our MANAGEMENT and AUDITs page, send us an EMAIL, call us at 855-STEEL-66 (855-783-3566), or CONTACT US to discuss an evaluation of your wireless agreements, as well as proposed cell tower or rooftop development offers, or wireless agreement purchase offers.

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