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Cell Tower Secrets, Published Works & SteepSteel Blog

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Published articles featuring SteepSteel

"Cell Towers: The Long-Term Financial Effects of Small Cells Could Be Significant" (February 2019 The Real Estate Network Magazine)
"Are Cell Towers Leases in Your Sight?" (February 2018 Realtor Magazine)
"How evolution of 5G networks and small cell technology is impacting the market and value of cell tower leases" (February 21, 2018 American City & County Magazine)
Open letter from James Kennedy to FCC Commissioner Carr (as published in InsideTowers on March 5, 2018)
"How the city of Sacramento got to 5G, and what it means for the rest of the U.S." (April 2, 2018 FierceWireless)
SteepSteel company profile (September 6, 2018 InsideTowers)
"Taming Anarchy" (Nov-Dec 2017 CIRE Magazine)
"Cell Tower Leases" (Jan-Feb 2015 CIRE Magazine)
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SteepSteel Blog

212, 2018

Lease Stripping

“Lease Stripping” is a term used to describe the process by which a cell tower lease is separated from the [...]