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SteepSteel is here to assist Legal, Real Estate and Engineering Professionals to understand the finer, industry-specific points contained in wireless agreements.

The following are considerations in most wireless agreements or related properties that are not usually observed in real estate elsewhere:

Early Termination Provisions

Revenue Sharing


Varying Lease Rates within a Given Site According to Equipment and Use

Value Penalty and Lease Stripping

Lease Valuation and Sale Independent of Underlying Real Estate

Lease Buyouts — Cash-Flow or Easement, Term or Perpetual, and Installment or Lump-Sum

Rights of First Refusal and Non-Compete Agreements

Risks and Benefits of Selling Underlying Property and Lease Separately versus Together

Purchasing or Selling Property Subject to an Existing Wireless Telecommunications Agreement

Tower Development, Relocation and Decommissioning

There are also a number of lease and industry specific questions that should be considered, including:

Is the remaining lease duration long or short dated?

How many tenants? What is the mix of tenants? Technology types?

How large is the leased area?  Is there room to expand?  Does tenant have an option to expand?

How tall is the tower?

Is there revenue sharing?

Is there a Right of First Refusal (RoFR)?  For the property, the lease, either, or both?

Are any of the tenants likely to consolidate?

Is the owner receiving offers from carriers,

tower companies, or lease investors/aggregators

when auctioning agreements?

Are there redundant wireless sites in close proximity?

What are the termination requirements for the existing tenants?

Are there pending applications for additional tower or ground tenants?

Where is the property located?

Any highways, major thoroughfares or major intersections nearby?

Does the landlord receive compensation for

additional equipment that was not included

in the original lease?

How is the property zoned?

At SteepSteel, wireless telecommunications agreements and associated infrastructure are our business. Members of our team have worked with countless attorneys, brokers and other real estate estate professionals across the country to help them maximize values while mitigating risk and would like to work with you.

At SteepSteel, we also work with electrical and telecommunications engineers to assist in the development of infrastructure, market pricing models and wireless agreement negotiations as part of small cell network and macrocell development projects.

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